Iperius Backup 4.8.4


Nuevas características
  • Backup to disk/network: now you can tell the software to make a new full backup on a specific day of the week
  • Exchange backup: several improvements
  • Translation in Japanese
  • Translation in Traditional Chinese
  • Wikileaks/CIA case related to a possible Iperius "DLL Hijack" vulnerability: actually it was related to a very old version of the software. All recent Iperius versions aren't absolutely affected by this possible problem. It was in any case a purely potential risk.
Solución de errores
  • Exchange backup: some errors caused by insufficient permissions are now better managed
  • Ransomware protection: solved some false positive issues
  • Backup to Google Drive: fixed a problem that caused the duplication of the backup main destination folder

Iperius Backup 4.8.3


Nuevas características
  • File copy and synchronization to disk, network, USB, NAS: new parallel copy mode. Performances increased up to 30%, especially when copying a large number of files.
  • Now in case of temporary network disconnections, or NAS devices that are temporarily unreachable, the program manages better this situation, avoiding errors in the log
  • Exchange backup: now the software alerts the user that, to perform certain operations, specific privileges are required
  • Backup of Hyper-V virtual machines: the snapshot paths (checkpoints) and related configuration file paths in the VM backup folder have been changed.
  • Several improvements and optimizations
Solución de errores
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Iperius Backup 4.8.2


Nuevas características
  • Backup to Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3: increased the maximum file size
  • New option and new management for files moved or deleted during the upload operations
  • Tutorials for Exchange backup now available in all languages
Solución de errores
  • Fixed an error on locked files in the backup to Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud services
  • Google Drive: fixed upload errors due to the limitations of some account
  • Exchange backup: fixed incorrect error message in verifying the size of PST files
  • Backup on Google Drive: solved and error in uploading zero bytes files
  • OneDrive: fixed an error in downloading some files

Iperius Backup 4.8.1


Nuevas características
  • Backup di Exchange: alcuni miglioramenti minori
  • Backup Hyper-V: ora Iperius crea nella cartella di destinazione la struttura di cartelle standard per le machine virtuali esportate, per consentire un restore più semplice e rapido.
  • Backup su nastro: ora Iperius riporta la dimensione corretta scritta sul tape quando il backup si è interrotto a causa di un errore di fine cassetta
  • Hyper-V: ora Iperius gestisce correttamente il caso in cui sul server ci siano macchine virtuali con lo stesso nome
  • Alcuni miglioramenti minori per il backup di SQL Server e il backup su Dropbox
Solución de errores
  • Backup su Google Drive: risolti gli errori "access violation" e "user rate limit exceeded" nell'upload su alcuni account
  • Restore da Cloud: risolti alcuni problemi nella finestra di restore. Ora è possibile esplorare correttamente i file nel cloud e scaricarli.
  • Backup di Exchange Server: risolto un problema nel listing di mailbox inattive
  • Backup Exchange: ora i dettagli dell'errore sono correttamente riportati nel log quando nessuna casella di posta viene processata

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